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Kate Jackson is a visual artist based in Canada. She recently finished a 3 year artist residency at Harbourfront Centre in Toronto. Her work has been shown at numerous galleries across Canada and internationally and is part of many private collections. Jackson has received awards for her work including The Artist Project Untapped Award 2009, The Helen Frances Gregor Scholarship -2008, OCC Scholarship-2008, and Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition Best in Show - 2007. Jackson studied at the Ontario College of Art and Design in the Material Art and Design Program (1999-2006) and also the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (1999). She lived and worked at The Banff Centre from 2009 to 2011 and now calls Toronto her home city.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

early work - my soldiers

During my final year in the Material Art and Design program at OCAD (ontario college of art and design) I made a series of work titled: My Soldiers.  I was concerned with my actions as a consumer and how my lifestyle contributed to war-making and military actions around the world.  I was also influenced by Gulliver's Travels and the symbolism of size. 
The following quilts are approx. 8 feet long.  I used bleach to draw the main figure and machine embroidery to stitch the swirling soldiers into the quilts.

During my final show at school, along with the quilts, I showed 2 stuffed soldiers which were almost 7 feet tall.  They were meant to resemble both pillows and punching bags.  The drawings of the soldiers were done with machine embroidery.  (i do machine embroidery with a standard sewing machine and push the fabric by hand to guide the stitching where i want it to go.)

This is a detail of the hand and gun of the soldier on the left.

Immediately following school I was a participant at the 2006 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition.  I made some smaller work to display along with my thesis work.  I had become so saddened by the reasoning behind my work that I began to dream of a world using soldiers and weaponry as tools of love.  I wanted soldiers to love and make love.  I wanted their guns to blow bubbles, grow flowers and give out love.  I became obsessed with the idea

For the following year I was very much in love with flourescents and bright colours.   I made this work  to show at Harbourfront Centre.  It was meant to be a smaller version of my 7 feet tall soldiers.  These guys are only about 12 inches tall.

I wanted to see how dedicated I could be to the repetition of machine embroidery.  The following work is 36" x 36" and is entirely machine embroidered.  I had been watching the Beatles Yellow Submarine and was enthralled with the use of flat colour filling in a black outline.  I wanted to try and use that in my work.

Eventually I grew completely disenchanted with my dream and began to realize that soldiers in war had a better chance of dying than filling the world with peace and love.  I went on to create my Eyelet Casualties Series.

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